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P.O. Box 98

108 3rd Avenue North

Collinwood TN   38450


Tel: (931) 724-9107

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Internet Resources - Events - Children's Department - Genealogy - Meeting Room

Collinwood Depot Branch Library

A branch of the Wayne County Library System


101 East Depot Street
P.O. Box 410
Collinwood, TN 38450

Tammy West, Branch Manager
Shannon Holt, Library Clerk

The Collinwood Train Depot is

now the Collinwood Library


Tuesday-Friday 10:30a.m.- 5:30p.m.

Saturday 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m.


The Collinwood Depot Branch Library held its grand opening on September 4, 2001. It is housed in the Depot Station that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places April 1, 1988. The current building was originally built in 1916 which was home to 4 rooms. The Depot was placed next to the completed railway that connected Collinwood to Iron City in 1913. With the town booming in 1918, a baggage room and additional warehouse were added to the station.

With railway operations on the down turn, the station ceased operation on 1939 and the tracks were removed in the early 1940's. After the abandonment and removal of the railway the Depot was, in the ensuing years, used as a house, warehouse, and at one time a grist mill. The Collinwood City Government utilized the Depot as City Hall from 1965-1977 and later was called home by a Senior Citizen Center. To the advantage of the citizens of Collinwood the depot building was newly renovated and is know known as "The Collinwood Depot Branch Library".

There are currently two part-time staff available to serve all of your library needs.


There are three computers, at present time, available to the public and are internet accessible.


Printing, copying, and faxing are offered to the public for a nominal fee.


The Library is part of the Interlibrary Loan System. For a postage fee of $1.50 a patron may borrow titles from other libraries in the ILL System from across the State of Tennessee. Books on loan through the ILL System are usually available within two weeks of order.

There are over 300 videos, 70+ audio books, and magazines available for check-out.


The check-out times for books/magazines are 3 weeks with a check-out time on videos of 2 days.


There are approximately 5,000 catalogued books in the collection with numerous paperbacks.  The library has adult fiction, adult non-fiction, reference and genealogy,  juvenile and young adult fiction/non-fiction, and easy classification of books available.


Old Timers Day
The Collinwood Depot Library has an annual Old Timer’s Day Book Sale. Several hard backs, paperbacks, etc. will be available for sale. Prices are $1.00 for hardbacks and .50, .25 and .10 for paperback books. We are currently accepting donations for our Book Sale.

The library accepts donations of videos. Also new and good, condition used hardback and paperback books. All donations are greatly appreciated.

NEW SERVICE: A small collection of CD’s are now available for check-out at the library.


The Collinwood Depot Branch Library has used hard and paperback books for sale.


The Library offers a Summer Reading Program for children through the 12th grade. We are proud to announce that there have been 80-100 children participate in this program the last 2 years. Collinwood Depot Library will host two Summer Reading Programs this year along with our “Half-price Scholastic Book Fair”.  The program “Jungle Tales: Hiss, Rumble and Roar” is for readers and listeners up to 6th grade.  Our Teen Program this year, “Tune in @ Your Library”, is for 7th through the 12th grades.  The programs will go from June 1 – June 30.  The Book Fair will be at the library June 1 – June 22.  Proceeds will go to purchase additional books for the library. Be sure and ask about our “One for Books” program. Everyone that signs up for the reading programs by June 3 can enter the drawing for gift certificates to the Book Fair.

This year there are Sign- Up prizes as  well as  weekly treats with your check-out of books, and additional prizes when you have reached your half-way point.  The readers/listeners choose either 20 “Easy” books or 400 pages in the “Juvenile Category”.  Once you have finished the program you will receive a free pass to the Grand Finale Pool/Pizza Party with radio station Star 94; Free Ticket to our library’s Nashville Sounds Game on July 29; and you may enter the drawing for additional prizes. Family and friends may also purchase tickets from our library to attend the Nashville Sounds game with us. The proceeds from the tickets will go to our Summer Reading Program.

We are also excited to be able to offer a drawing for 4 tickets to the Memphis Zoo and the Tennessee Aquarium this year.   Everyone who completes the program will be able to enter the drawing for these tickets.      

This year our sponsors are: Quigley’s General Store; Star 94.9 WMSR; Wayne County Bank; Dicus Lumber Co.; Hasti-Mart;  Byler Press; Sonic; and McDonald’s.    For additional information about our Reading Program contact the library at 724-2498.

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