Parks and Recreation revitalizes the city and enriches the lives of our city residents, the community, and the City of Collinwood as a whole. The City of Collinwood maintains 3 city park complexes. For information on a specific park please click on the parks name below.

Dixie Youth / Little League Baseball Park
City Pool Complex
Ralph Hughes Sr.  Memorial Park


The Parks and Recreation Department offers opportunities to improve fitness, social, and competitive skills through exercise and sports, to stimulate the mind through education and cultural experiences, and to inspire civic pride through community-based activities, citywide celebrations, and volunteer operations.

As steward of park lands and facilities, Parks and Recreation seeks to retain and improve the beauty of the City's parks and other natural landscapes while planning the best presentation and future use of those places.

We invite you to experience the sense of community you get when visiting a Collinwood park. Get involved with your neighborhood park today. Volunteerism is at the heart of what makes Collinwood such a great city, and it is with that spirit that helps us to make our Parks a place were all proud of. Whether by raking leaves, watering plants, or simply picking up trash you can help!

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