City of Collinwood
Utility Deposit Schedule and Meter Set Fees
As Of - 2/1/15


Water: Owners $50.00 deposit, Renters $75.00 deposit
Gas: Owneres $100.00 deposit, Renters $150.00 deposit
Sewer: Owners $50.00 deposit, Renters $75.00 deposit

Water (outside city limits): Owners $75.00 deposit, Renters $125.00 deposit

Commercial customers must pay a minimum cash deposit in addition to an average of 12 month's usage secured by a letter of credit or cash deposit.

All deposits are refundable after final utility billing is paid and account is settled.

Sewer hook-up fee: $750.00 if sewer is available but not hooked-up to system.

Water Meter Set Fee: $500.00   Gas Meter Set Fee: $650.00

Water Usage Rates

Inside City Limits:
1-2,000 gallons      $18.45
2,001+ gallons        $9.31/per thousand gallons

Outside City Limits:
0-2,000 gallons      $26.10
2,001+ gallons        $18.56/per thousand gallons

Sewer Usage Rates

0-2,000 gallons      $22.95
2,001+ gallons        $8.10/per thousand gallons

0-2,000 gallons      $39.15
2,001+ gallons        $10.80/per thousand gallons

Garbage Rates

Residential:              $4.42/mo      Mondays/4 cans max
Commercial:             $8.76/mo 

Utility bills are mailed to customers on the 20th day of each month. Full payment is due the 5th day of the following month (i.e., March 20th bill, due April 5). We do allow a 10-day grace period. However, if full payment is not received by the 15h, services will be disconnected and subjected to a $50.00 re-connect fee.



The Collinwood Water Plant is located approximately one mile behind the Collinwood Schools. The Collinwood Water system receives water from two sources comprised of four springs and one well. The well yields approximately 110 gallons per minute while the springs (located at the water plant) yield, on average, 120 gallons per minute.

The water plant was recently renovated and is of a new design. It is capable of treating 280 gallons per minute or 403,200 gallons per day. The water source is of high quality and requires minimal treatment. We use treatment chemicals such as Liquid Alum, Liquid caustic soda, Liquid Bleach, Liquid Fluoride, and polymer. We, and all public water systems, are required by the State of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to run tests daily. We run tests on chlorine, ph, turbidity, alkalinity, and water hardness along with a multitude of other water quality tests. It is our policy to take and run two bacteriological test per month.

The Collinwood Water System has a distribution system that operates approximately 30 miles of water lines, which are kept and maintained by the Collinwood Utility Department. The distribution system is checked daily for chlorine residual. The State of Tennessee mandates that we must maintain, in our water system, a minimum of 0.2 mg/l of chlorine residual in our water distribution at all times.

The Collinwood Water System incorporates two elevated water storage tanks that hold a total of 300,000 gallons of water. Our water tanks are inspected inside and out every three years, which includes draining and disinfection of the tank interior.

Mr. Kenneth Templeton is the Water Operator for the City of Collinwood and is responsible for our water system. Water System Operators are required to obtain licenses from the State of Tennessee and take yearly continuing education classes to keep the licenses. Mr. Templeton has Water Treatment Grade 3 and Distributions System Grade 1 licenses to operate the Collinwood Water System. He also holds Biological and Natural Systems licenses which would allow him to operate our sewer plant.


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